Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 1 | Asian Youth Orchestra & James Judd

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11 gün önce

It is the very first performance by the Asian Youth Orchestra at the Young Euro Classic Festival, and this debut requires quite the orchestral apparatus: Under the direction of James Judd, the young musicians perform Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 in D major. The concert took place on August 30, 2017 at the Konzerthaus Berlin.

( 00:24 ) I. Langsam, schleppend (Slowly, dragging)
( 17:00 ) II. Kräftig bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell (Moving strongly, but not too quickly)
( 25:33 ) III. Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen (Solemnly and measured, without dragging)
( 36:39 ) IV. Finale: Stürmisch bewegt (Stormily agitated - energetic)

Gustav Mahler (1860 - 1911) composed most of his first symphony between the end of 1887 and March 1888 and premiered it himself in 1889 - at that time as a “symphonic poem” in five movements. The lack of success of the premiere resulted in years of struggle over how to present and program this weighty symphonic work. This process only came to an end in 1899 when the first symphony went to print. While working on it, Mahler had even at times assigned his orchestral symphony movement titles and the nickname ‘Titan’ (after the hero of Jean Paul’s novel of the same name), which in the end he decided not to use.

Despite its traditional four-movement structure, at times Mahler’s First almost seems like a colorful, exuberant collage in which marches, fanfares, waltzes and folk songs abruptly alternate at times. As the main theme of the first movement, Mahler uses an instrumental version of the song ‘Ging heut’ morgen über’s Feld’, which he had taken from his first song cycle ‘Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen’. This joyous walk is framed by onomatopoeic sounds from nature, where listeners have the impression they are hearing French horns and birdcalls. The ‘musical wander’ then builds up to a triumphant finale. In the second movement, a coarse, powerful Ländler frames a sweetly wistful trio. This strident parody of folk music is reminiscent of an unbridled folk festival or busy fairground hustle and bustle. In contrast, the third movement begins as a funeral march, which turns out to be a minor-key version of the folk tune that became world-famous as the children’s song ‘Frère Jacques’. The funeral march theme is contrasted with distorted insertions of pleasing themes. Again, a song from Mahler’s first song cycle, this time ‘Die zwei blauen Augen’, provides the inspiration. In the fourth movement Mahler incorporates march music and other musical styles, and also revisits the theme of nature of the opening movement, although now it sounds more like a distant memory. The symphony culminates in a chorale that turns into a triumphant fanfare and concludes the thematic round. Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 is a magnificent orchestral work, probably unsurpassed in its theatricality and irony, in which the tragic and the grotesque are never far apart.

The Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) masters this Mahler symphony with bravura and virtuosity on the individual instruments. The Asian Youth Orchestra was founded in 1987 by Yehudi Menuhin, among others. The young musicians come from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macao, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam and are between 17 and 27 years old.

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Jackey Cheng
Jackey Cheng 4 gün önce
A very good performance for the Asian young musicians ‼️💪🎼🎶🥣🙋🏻👍👏😃
notaire2 6 gün önce
Wunderschöne und detaillierte Aufführung dieser spätromantischen und großartigen Sinfonie mit farbenreichen doch perfekt vereinigten Tönen aller Instrumente. Der zweite Satz klingt besonders schön und echt bewegend. Der intelligente und geniale Dirigent leitet das scheinbar asiatische doch hörbar europäische Jugendorchester im relativ langsamen Tempo und mit angenehmer Dynamik. Wahrlich hörenswert!
Hito Shir
Hito Shir 9 gün önce
I would lile to listen to Asian Music , not Europian music.
Marshall Artz
Marshall Artz 5 gün önce
Go ahead. There’s all kinds of music on TRpost. 😎🎹
Anderson Carvalho
Anderson Carvalho 9 gün önce
Marshall Artz
Marshall Artz 9 gün önce
🚧🛠👷🏻‍♂️ *Under Construction* 👷🏻‍♂️🛠🚧 Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) Symphony No. 1 in D Major *(1888)* 00:26 I. Langsam, schleppend 04:16 *Im Anfang, sehr gemächlich* 06:24 08:31 11:23 17:04 II. Kräftig bewegt, doch nicht zu schnell 25:36 III. Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen 36:40 IV. Finale: Stürmisch bewegt 57:09 *Applause* Asian Youth Orchestra James Judd, conductor *Young Euro Classic Festival* *Konzerthaus, Berlin* *Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 August 30, 2017* 🚧🛠👷🏻‍♂️ *Under Construction* 👷🏻‍♂️🛠🚧
Senta Gustafsson
Senta Gustafsson 10 gün önce
Splendid performance of these magnificent young musicians ! Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about Mr Judd's reading of the wonderful First Symphony of the great Mahler ! In my opinion the conductor seems much more busy to look "original", ending up giving an often arbitrary and of dubious taste interpretation of this magnificent Symphony. Yet it was enough simply that he simply read carefully the score in which Gustav Mahler himself meticulously wrote everything needed for a correct and effective interpretation of its own composition. Pity for these young Asian talents, they deserved better !
Carlos Descartin Cristellys
Carlos Descartin Cristellys 10 gün önce
Muy bien por la interpretación de esta orquesta asiática,creo que nacida de las manos de Yehudi Menuhin ,en 1987.son muchachos de 17 a 27 años.Por eso merecen la ayuda de todos,aparte que lo hacen muy bien.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Enhorabuena.
Monica Carvalho
Monica Carvalho 10 gün önce
Maravilhoso! 👏👏👏⚘
albert yonathan Setyawan
albert yonathan Setyawan 10 gün önce
of course because it's 'ASIAN' they had to wear costume that look "ASIAN' right.. because these are "ASIAN" orchestra. Never mind that asian identities and cultures are very diverse so they might as well wear each of their traditional costumes or just wear normal dresses and tuxedos like any instrumentalist in orchestra use to wear. Why can't they be part of just the youth orchestra with a mixed and diverse member from many different nationalities and cultural identities without the having to use the term "ASIAN". And of course the conductor has to be non-asian... I guess it's probably hard to find an "ASIAN" conductor huh.. I am Indonesian by the way... I guess that makes me ASIAN.
Kaiser Gidorah
Kaiser Gidorah 10 gün önce
amateur uniforms as usual,clarinets can't even bother to cover timex watch
Marshall Artz
Marshall Artz 9 gün önce
Inappropriate, nasty comment.
Isaac Meadow
Isaac Meadow 10 gün önce
It's touching to see the joy on these young musicians' faces at the end.
ernesto trejo
ernesto trejo 2 gün önce
ernesto trejo
ernesto trejo 2 gün önce
Carmen Constantin
Carmen Constantin 7 gün önce
Ok dSdd
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 10 gün önce
A wonderful performance of the master's first symphony.
Scott Miller
Scott Miller Gün önce
You,re so right! Mahler is now considered one of the best composers of symphonies of all time, and his Symphony no 1. is the greatest 1st symphony of ANY Composer Of All Time !!!!!
MARCELO Ribeiro da Silva
MARCELO Ribeiro da Silva 10 gün önce
Maravilha! Espetacular!
Lucas Padrao
Lucas Padrao 11 gün önce
Ivana Estela Luque Beretta
Ivana Estela Luque Beretta 11 gün önce
Jóvenes Magníficos!!!!* Bellísima interpretación!!!!*
Marshall Artz
Marshall Artz 11 gün önce
Wonderful! Actually, better than wonderful! 30:58-32:50 Beautiful! Listen to this Mahler 1st now! You will love it!
Anne Maia
Anne Maia 11 gün önce
Maria Ines De Andrade Alcantara
Maria Ines De Andrade Alcantara 11 gün önce
Como é bom ver jovens tocando a MELHOR MUSICA do MUNDO (A MÚSICA CLÁSSICA )!!!!!Enquanto houver jovens do mundo inteiro se dedicando à MUSICA ERUDITA, estaremos salvos!!!!!!!!!
Carlos Descartin Cristellys
Carlos Descartin Cristellys 10 gün önce
María Ines de Andrade Alcántara,coincido contigo al 100% en tu sensible y bonito comentario.Yo no lo veré,pero sería maravilloso.Con todo respeto recibe mi limpio abrazo.
Symbolic 95
Symbolic 95 11 gün önce
Thanks for the wonderful performance!
Samito Bribiesca
Samito Bribiesca 11 gün önce
Theinga Bo
Theinga Bo 11 gün önce
Proud and delighted to see Asian Youth orchestra playing Great "Gustav Mahler"s Music very beautifully! I also wanna see this Amazing Youth orchestra playing the Mahler's 2nd symphony (Resurrection) Which is my fav symphony of all the time!
Theinga Bo
Theinga Bo 10 gün önce
@William Fraser Exactly!
William Fraser
William Fraser 10 gün önce
It needs a large chorus
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