Oksana Lyniv: The first woman at the conductor’s podium in Bayreuth | Stages in her career

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Oksana Lyniv: She’s one of the most exciting conductors of the younger generation, and for the past few years has been taking the international music scene by storm. Now, Lyniv has become the first woman to conduct at the Bayreuth Festival. The program included Richard Wagner's romantic opera Der fliegende Holländer, WWV 63, staged by Russian star director Dmitri Tchernjakow.

This video outlines important career points on Oksana Lyniv’s road to success. In the interview, Lyniv speaks of her rise to stake her place at the conductor’s rostrum - a position still typically ascribed to men. She speaks openly about her ambition, and the positive thrill she experiences in conducting works by the great composers. First and foremost, though, she speaks of her feelings - what it’s like to bring one’s own musical ideas to fruition with the orchestra, and what it means for her to be the first female conductor on the ‘Grüner Hügel’ in Bayreuth.

In conducting Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) in Bayreuth, a dream long-held by Oksana Lyniv has become reality.

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Ruh Still
Ruh Still 2 aylar önce
Another BAD conductor who the managing system tries to market based only on the fact she is female and NOT a GOOD conductor. Too many BAD conductors nowadays and deaf and blind audiences which are easy handed by the marketing policies
Ярослав Воротняк
Ярослав Воротняк 2 aylar önce
Bravo! Ukrainische Frauen sind wunderbar
Alfredo Echevarrieta
Alfredo Echevarrieta 2 aylar önce
Shirali kerim
Shirali kerim 2 aylar önce
Herbert Neubacher
Herbert Neubacher 2 aylar önce
Kalter Kaffee
Taras Demchyshyn conductor
Taras Demchyshyn conductor 2 aylar önce
Bravo Oksana!
Michael Pidgeon
Michael Pidgeon 2 aylar önce
Interesting 🤔! Two comments: The first one deals with Ms Lyniv herself: From what I see, it will be a matter of time before she takes over a major symphony orchestra/opera house on a full time basis. The fact that she is following her mentor Kirill Petrenko to Berlin to conduct the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is a big step in her career. What should follow are concerts with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as well as concerts with Major Orchestras in North America, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montréal, Québec City, and Toronto, among others! The second concerns the Concert Hall in Bologna, Italy. It appears to be similar to David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City on the IRT #1 Broadway-7th Avenue Line.
Samito Bribiesca
Samito Bribiesca 2 aylar önce
Fabius Graco
Fabius Graco 2 aylar önce
Com uma semana de atraso! Nós, pobres mortais e não germânicos, não pudemos assistir. Pena! Que bom que o DW postou parte do concerto. Lyniv inaugura um novo tempo na música erudita ao ser a primeira mulher a reger Wagner neste festival. Bravíssima!👏👏👏💐💐💐💐 Lembra muito as conquistas de Antônia Brico. Parabéns, Lyniv.
MARIO EGERLAND 2 aylar önce
BRAVÍSSIMO !!! Brasil 🇧🇷
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