Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 | Vasily Petrenko & the European Union Youth Orchestra (complete symphony)

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Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125, played by the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) under the baton of Vasily Petrenko. In this August 4, 2019 concert recording from the Young Euro Classic festival in Berlin’s Konzerthaus, the outstanding virtuosity of this European youth orchestra is once again made evident. The young musicians display their mastery in a work even as demanding as Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 with great dynamism, and a tangible delight in performing.

‘Beethoven's Ninth as the symphony of Europe’ might easily have been the motto of this concert, in which Europe is represented in many aspects: Firstly as the European Union Youth Orchestra brings together the most talented young musicians from all of the EU’s member states; secondly because the Young Euro Classic festival - with young orchestras from all over the world - is a celebration of Europe’s classical music tradition; and thirdly since it is Beethoven's arrangement of Friedrich Schiller's poem Ode To Joy - in the fourth movement of the 9th Symphony - which in 1985 served as the template for the song that has been the European Union’s official anthem.

A chance for the audience to sing along to this European anthem is the shimmering climax of this Beethoven concert. In the concert hall as well as on the public square outside the building, the watching audiences passionately sing along to ‘Freude, schöner Götterfunken’. It’s a statue of Schiller - of all things - that looms in white marble above the singing crowds in front of the Konzerthaus on Gendarmenmarkt; a goosebump-inducing moment in which the utopia of a universal community of all people - brought to life by Schiller and set to music by Beethoven - becomes, for a moment, reality.

If you would like to experience Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony as a moving and atmospheric celebration of human ideals, this concert by the EUYO is for you.

European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO)
Vasily Petrenko, conductor
Ernst Senff Chor
Steffen Schubert, conductor
Miah Persson, soprano
Theresa Kronthaler, mezzo soprano
Norbert Ernst, tenor
Leon Košavić, bass

( 0:00:03 ) I. Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso
( 0:16:50 ) II. Molto vivace
( 0:28:02 ) III. Adagio molto e cantabile
( 0:42:59 ) IV. Finale
( 1:07:18 ) Europe’s anthem Ode to Joy to sing along to

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Iraj Hekmati
Iraj Hekmati 2 gün önce
Beethoven’s most wonderful symphony. I had watched this any chance I got and I haven’t as a asset at home with other better saponins. This alone could have given 🐝 Beethoven the high class he has been achieved . It is kind of heavy but 🥇 full to watch and hear. This is showed ou side in a beautiful open space place. No Mather how much t tiedI I couldn’t remember the nam of the place which a vary beautiful place..
TaiChiGhost 3 gün önce
These guys are every bid as good as seasoned professionals. And I know that Alex would approve too!
Ludwig van Ghathoven
Ludwig van Ghathoven 9 gün önce
Que tiene que ver eso con Beethoven? 52:13
Pioneros Bello
Pioneros Bello 9 gün önce
Abu Saeed Khan
Abu Saeed Khan 10 gün önce
It has changed music forever.
Alicia Santamaría
Alicia Santamaría 11 gün önce
Hermoso maravillosa orquesta coro escenario grandioso y público entusiasmado y culto. 💕🇨🇱🤍💙❤🇨🇱💕
loda khalil
loda khalil 11 gün önce
love it
Lazi DO
Lazi DO 11 gün önce
The algorithm told me about this video today. It happened to be the perfect moment for this music. Thank you for this great performance!
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music 7 gün önce
We're glad the algorithm brought you to our channel! If you like classical music, make sure to check out our other videos, too. 🤗
Una gran interpretación de los músicos jóvenes y la sinfonía más maravillosa de la música clasica
Ludwig van Ghathoven
Ludwig van Ghathoven 9 gün önce
Obra maestra
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts 12 gün önce
This may be the best performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony I have ever heard. The orchestra absolutely is superb.
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music 7 gün önce
We're glad you like it! Greetings from your DW Classical Music team.
Guillermo Gonzalez
Guillermo Gonzalez 14 gün önce
Hermoso y conmovedor
Aracelis Chirinos
Aracelis Chirinos 14 gün önce
Simplemente maravilloso!!!!
Fabiano Araújo
Fabiano Araújo 15 gün önce
Um dos maiores legados do grandioso País chamado Alemanha.🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 Deutschland!
block 693
block 693 15 gün önce
John Un
John Un 16 gün önce
it's the BEST Beethoven nr. 9 video ever watched, bravo!
John Un
John Un 16 gün önce
Ode to joy! Ode to freedom! Bravo!
AGM 95
AGM 95 16 gün önce
Classical music is normal, forgettable and all of it sound the same. It's not memorable at all because it has no melodies, I don't know why nobody can write a melody
Iris Waldenburger
Iris Waldenburger 16 gün önce
Dieser Moment, wenn man diese Symphonie eigentlich auswendig kann, aber selbst als deutscher Muttersprachler auch nicht mehr versteht als „alle Menschen werden Brüder“ 😂😂
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music 15 gün önce
Pioneros Bello
Pioneros Bello 17 gün önce
filippo piscitello
filippo piscitello 18 gün önce
Che scena stupenda,vedere la gente coinvolta ed i bimbi partecipi a contemplare i padri della nostra cultura.
Finn Jacobsen
Finn Jacobsen 21 gün önce
This must be the best production of this masterpiece ever.
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music 15 gün önce
Wow, what a compliment! We hope you enjoy the rest of the videos on our page too! :)
Khalid Al Shwmaly
Khalid Al Shwmaly 21 gün önce
I used to listen to Beethoven Music since my Childhood .. Greetings and Love from Syria
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music 15 gün önce
How lovely! Greetings back from Berlin.
Tiziana Comos
Tiziana Comos 21 gün önce
Non sono promesse, sono già realtà, questi giovani. Bravissimi
Maria Antonieta Lopez Carrillo
Maria Antonieta Lopez Carrillo 22 gün önce
Muy hermoso ver y escuchar a estos jóvenes virtuosos, que siempre sigan adelante.
T NG 22 gün önce
I am so moved to see so many EU flags and not a single European national flag in sight. This song is all about unity. Hey Britain, you are missing EU so much by now aren’t you?
Fabrizio Morganti
Fabrizio Morganti 24 gün önce
Certo un maxi schermo fa perdere quasi tutto
Asef Kalhar
Asef Kalhar 24 gün önce
Schwarzenberg Danjelsson
Schwarzenberg Danjelsson 24 gün önce
*flashbacks from Evangelion
danny flat
danny flat 25 gün önce
white culture... enjoy it while it lasts.
Váva Je'suis
Váva Je'suis 25 gün önce
Acredito que não há nada mais perfeito na arte musical qual seja a Sinfonia N.o 09 de Ludwig Van Beethoven. Ele estava completamente tomado pelo espirito de Deus quando a compôs.
ahhh Beethonven..... sonido sustenido em meus ouvidos...
정홍일 26 gün önce
베토벤 구번 앞에서 다른 모든 음악은 유리창 깨지는 소리에 불과하다
Wolfdark Voldemoort
Wolfdark Voldemoort 26 gün önce
los alemanes tienen al inmortal Beethoven los rusos al gran Tchaikovsky pero los mexicanos tenemos el tequila
Wolfdark Voldemoort
Wolfdark Voldemoort 14 gün önce
@DW Classical Music salud !
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music 15 gün önce
Jin Jin
Jin Jin 27 gün önce
Not exactly new york symphony orchestra quality but it wasn't bad
tuan khang tran
tuan khang tran 27 gün önce
so beautiful
Márcio B. Costa
Márcio B. Costa 28 gün önce
Que interpretação maravilhosa! Fiquei emocionado ao ver (e ouvir) músicos tão jovens e talentosos a executar com tamanha perfeição e ímpeto a magnífica Nona Sinfonia de Beethoven, obra artística que, para muitos - para mim, certamente -, representa o ápice da genialidade e inspiração humana. Estou certo de que o mestre alemão, o grande Ludwig Van Beethoven, ficaria felicíssimo se fosse-lhe concedida a oportunidade de presenciar a European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) a executar a sua preciosa sinfonia sob a batuta de Vasily Petrenko.
Alois Keiser
Alois Keiser 28 gün önce
Come quintessenza: il meglio sta in noi - non tratteniamoci - andiamo avanti con coraggio, allora sarà...
Mateo 29 gün önce
4:19 great pic!
윤경정희 29 gün önce
Jose Pereira Guimarães
Jose Pereira Guimarães Aylar önce
Enquanto a DW exibe Beethoven, as emissoras brasileiras mostram lixos Estadunidenses, e produzidos aqui, por má influência dos EUA.
Jose Pereira Guimarães
Jose Pereira Guimarães Aylar önce
Isso que é viver com classe, estilo e dignidade.
مصطفى رسول ثجيل
مصطفى رسول ثجيل Aylar önce
yeaaaaaah the peasants stay outside and watch
Junzaburo Aylar önce
Petrenko is the best in this era.
Edith Gomez
Edith Gomez Aylar önce
Sublime la interpretación de todos estos virtuosos músicos!!! Mil gracias por compartir y difundir este maravilloso concierto!!! Un regalo para el alma!!!
Fabio Pava
Fabio Pava Aylar önce
Absolutely wonderful!
Світлана Рудь
Світлана Рудь Aylar önce
Слушаю и наслушаться не могу! DW, огромное вам спасибо за доставленную радость! Низкий поклон!
Miguel Angel FICHETTI
Miguel Angel FICHETTI Aylar önce
Gracias DW. Mi esposa con Alzheimer se emociona con vuestras presentaciones musicales. Gracias otra vez
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music 29 gün önce
Muchas gracias por su comentario. ¡Nos emociona mucho que podamos alegrar a su esposa enferma con nuestros conciertos! ❤❤❤
uiz Venâncio
uiz Venâncio Aylar önce
*Beethoven's music is forever !*
uiz Venâncio
uiz Venâncio Aylar önce
Nem os diamantes são eternos ,mas a obra de *Beethoven* eu acredito que sim, Parabéns a toda Orquestra, a Alemanha e seu Povo.
Rodolfo Realini
Rodolfo Realini Aylar önce
Un inchino al grande Beethoven che da sempre rappresenta una delle colonne portanti del patrimonio musicale che, con gli estri artistici di molti altri compositori accompagnano le emozioni delle nostre vite. Questa performance della European Union Youth orchestra, condotta dalla validissima giovane bacchetta di Vasily Petrenko, unisce artisti che completano questo gioiello musicale con il contributo insostituibile della corale. Ho ascoltato e visto varie volte questo eccellente risultato , gustandolo, per varie ragioni : organico strumentale completo. Esecuzione totale ottima. Intelligente ripresa visiva con una efficace sensibilità della regia, che ha permesso di scoprire la attenzione del pubblico , oltre a primi piani di strumentisti con i loro sguardi appassionati di intesa nella consapevolezza dell' affrontare questo granitico capolavoro musicale. Bravi, bravi, bravissimi. Una scalata artistica non facile, che oltre ad essere meravigliosa non ha mai fine.
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music Aylar önce
Grazie per le tante lodi!
Flavio Aylar önce
With Covid19 - They forced humanity to split and reject each other, no longer "All People Will Be Brothers" (Alle Menschen werden Brüder)
s delcano
s delcano Aylar önce
simply awesome
Ton da Paz
Ton da Paz Aylar önce
Que linda apresentação!!!!
John Errera
John Errera Aylar önce
I think even Beethoven himself would jump out of his seat and give these young musicians a standing ovation.
Call me Laras
Call me Laras Aylar önce
Paco del Campo PAz
Paco del Campo PAz Aylar önce
Sencillamente maravilloso 👏 💕 ♥
Philipe Regna
Philipe Regna Aylar önce
Magnifique agréable j aime énormément merci beaucoup jesus christ
Nick Curry
Nick Curry Aylar önce
Ahhh Beethoven, a language the whole world can speak! And for the record, a British person here missing you all.
Ant Ba
Ant Ba 28 gün önce
🇪🇺 We miss you too like a European citizen like us.
OUR TRAVELS Aylar önce
Not north Koreans
Curtis Grindahl
Curtis Grindahl Aylar önce
Heartening to know young people still care about classical music as these fine performers do. Wonderful performance and evidence, once again, of what a young country the United States is. You won't find performances like this with crowds gathering to listen to Beethoven. Thank you DW for sharing this will all of us.
Renée Fabre
Renée Fabre 10 gün önce
DW Classical Music pas le
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music Aylar önce
Thanks to you too!
David Thompson
David Thompson Aylar önce
Overall, the best performance I have heard. These young players really grasp the rhythm and pulse of the music.
เสริญ เศรษฐชัย
เสริญ เศรษฐชัย Aylar önce
Great chance to have listenen all young players in this time.
svck chech
svck chech Aylar önce
Die Spieler können Beethoven 9. Symphonie zum Teil bestimmt auswendig spielen. Das ist eine Routinearbeit für Dirigent und Orchester, für Zuhörer ein Konsum.
svck chech
svck chech 16 gün önce
@Iris Waldenburger Beethoven ist schön zu hören! Aber die Arbeit des Dirigenten ist dann nur eine Schauspielerei..
Iris Waldenburger
Iris Waldenburger 16 gün önce
Na und? Trotzdem immer wieder schön
Javier Ortiz
Javier Ortiz Aylar önce
Que regaló mas bello el que nos han dado! Gracias por montones 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Marcus Aylar önce
Wirklich eine tolle Interpretation, vielen Dank!
老牛 Aylar önce
Great performance! Kudos to the EUYO! Best wishes from Maryland USA.
Igor Moisseeff
Igor Moisseeff Aylar önce
Lucila Barrera
Lucila Barrera Aylar önce
Que hermosa, gracias. Como me gustaría que todos los jóvenes escuchara esta música.
Luisa Moraleda
Luisa Moraleda Aylar önce
Michal Studinski
Michal Studinski Aylar önce
И пошёл covid-19...
Isaac M
Isaac M Aylar önce
The power of music
Minh Anh Nguyễn
Minh Anh Nguyễn Aylar önce
55:55 goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sansen 1408
Sansen 1408 Aylar önce
Ich vermisse diese Flagge ->🇩🇪
Fran Saladini Ubida
Fran Saladini Ubida Aylar önce
Super... Wunderbar. Das meiste schöne Melodie von der Welt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum diese Orchester und Chor. Die Solisten auch!.
Moon W
Moon W Aylar önce
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music Aylar önce
Marie Thomas
Marie Thomas Aylar önce
Agréable merci 🙏
Arturo Cabañas
Arturo Cabañas Aylar önce
Me encantó! Es una brillante interpretación, grandiosa!
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music Aylar önce
Gracias por tus amables palabras, Arturo!
New Melody
New Melody Aylar önce
love this kind of song
*¡Qué bonito que al final el público se una cantando la Oda de la Alegría!*
Jorge Quijano
Jorge Quijano Aylar önce
Brilliant performance. Thanks to DW for difussion of the concert.
Hye Angels
Hye Angels Aylar önce
Brrraaavvooo!!!! Just an AMAZING performance!!!! But beside the marvelous performance, this is what else I couldn't believe: NO MASKS??? Good for you Germans! Hmmm.... try to get around with no stinky mask here in some USA states.
Artam Studio
Artam Studio 18 gün önce
Mask up aboosh
DW Classical Music
DW Classical Music 29 gün önce
Dear Hye Angels, This concert was in August 2019 - before the Corona pandemic.
Karl Heiden
Karl Heiden Aylar önce
Die Kameraschwenks von den im Saal engagiert spielenden jungen Europäern hinaus zu den im Freien gebannt Lauschenden aus der Berliner Bevölkerung sind besonders reizvoll und für sie gebührt der umsichtigen Bildregie diesmal auch ein besonderer Applaus!
Karl Heiden
Karl Heiden Aylar önce
Danke für das Berliner Herz!
Ramin Zoufonoun
Ramin Zoufonoun Aylar önce
What an emotional experience, I can only imagine how it must have felt to be present at this wonderful performance and have one's child in the orchestra. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙏🏼👍🏼
Clodoaldo Freitas
Clodoaldo Freitas Aylar önce
I am fron Brazil. Nunca imaginei em assistir a algo tão maravilhoso. Is bealtiful
박경복 Aylar önce
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹
Вера Ромонова
Вера Ромонова Aylar önce
Браво, оркестру!!! Бравссимо, Петренко!!!
Michael Bayev
Michael Bayev Aylar önce
The ending of the 1st movement is so brilliant and full of juvenile energy. Bravo!
서갈러스 Aylar önce
1st mvt opening sounds like the whole universe is tuning itself for sublime greatness. Middle sounds like divine retribution from God and magnificence of his work. 2nd meh 3rd meh 4th is as if Beethoven condensed all his tears, pain, suffering, hope, heartbreak, joy, and revelation he went through his life into this mvt. Towards the end it sounds like Beethoven is telling us that his time is coming soon but hopeful that the future generations will be inspired by his music and make world the better place.
Everaldo Rodrigues
Everaldo Rodrigues Aylar önce
BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaspar Sturtzkopf
Jaspar Sturtzkopf Aylar önce
Eine ergreifende Aufführung von unglaublich engagierten jungen Menschen, die auch das outdoor Publikum tief beeindrucken... .... ich bin tief bewegt....
Karl Heiden
Karl Heiden Aylar önce
Um diese Jugend braucht einem nicht bange zu sein!
Lorenz Tackert
Lorenz Tackert Aylar önce
Bravísimo!!!!!!!!!!!! Celestial
Ludmila Ivanova
Ludmila Ivanova Aylar önce
Итак, лайф-оркестр ушел в прошлое. Как театр, кино, хор, танцы. Кто это с нами сделал? So , the life- orchestra is a thing of the past. As theater, cinema, choir, dancing. Who did this to us?
Jessica 888
Jessica 888 Aylar önce
This great performance brings joy to us during this long lockdown in Sydney, Thank you!
Dan Chen
Dan Chen Aylar önce
I sang this piece many times (last time was with NZSO in their Beethoven Festival) and was so emotional every time. Watching the passion of the young musicians and people outside immersed in the great music I am even more moved. It brings joy, hope and strength! Thank you for sharing!
Lau Kignard
Lau Kignard 11 gün önce
Me pasó lo mismo, no pude contener las lágrimas, totalmente conmovida ❤
Jogee Salaysay
Jogee Salaysay Aylar önce
This video is so nice to hear and watch all the musicians is really skilled in their instrument and it's a very good videod the camera focus is the right musicians
Merlocampini Aylar önce
16:50 24:15
Maria Antonia Casado Viñas
Maria Antonia Casado Viñas Aylar önce
subbuilder Aylar önce
How did they record this event? It sounds incredible!
giganova 24 gün önce
With many microphones and an exceedingly excellent sound engineer(s).
Keith Sharp
Keith Sharp Aylar önce
anna streltsova
anna streltsova Aylar önce
04:21 👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💐🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
mmmoroi Moroi
mmmoroi Moroi Aylar önce
European Union will be no more in a few years time as majority of people are realising its hitherto hidden but increasingly blatant totalitarian nature. This EUYO is one institution which should survive, though.
Dave Newman
Dave Newman Aylar önce
Wunderschön Danke fur hochladen Grüße aus Neuseeland Dave
Dario Hernandez
Dario Hernandez Aylar önce
Simplemente maravilloso!
Celina Gauna
Celina Gauna Aylar önce
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